~/theme - Folder Support-App "Theme-Manager App"

we have a Theme-folder, this works, why do we have not a app to/for support this…
to have a possible for load down a theme, like in Plasma (from https://store.kde.org/)
so from https://apps.nextcloud.com/themes.
to give the Designer the possible for create themes and upload it…
To give the whole peoples to use different Themes in ~/theme Folder
or if the Nexcloud in a closed Networktopology, open the filesearch and select the themefile(tar.bz2/gz/7zip or some) and extract in ~/theme/$themefile

and then in the app the possible for edit config.php as Admin (like the occ app)
‘theme’ => ‘neXtrealTime’,
and therewith it is also possible to re-config behind the nextcloud update
to set it back to the theme for the Admin , if there a Factory theme
to set it back to the default factory theme out of the Admin-account…

therewith it is in able to create a theme and upload it for the public.
maybe under https://apps.nextcloud.com/theme/
And later download with the app and extract in the ~/theme/themenamefile
Selecting the theme via array and Folderlisting and set the themefolder in
‘theme’ => ‘$themefoldername’,
&reload the nextcloud for use the theme

wourld cool if some app build for the poples, this makes the world more colorful :blush:

best regards