Theme broken on 26

I’m on a shared hosting (OVH) and until the update, NC was functioning well.
The update process from 23 > 26 (in several steps) went fine but now the interface is broken.
I can navigate but I can’t scroll. Everything is white with black text. I can’t copy text also. I’m a bit lost and I really need to make it work again as my colleague rely on it to work.

Php is set to 8.1

The desktop clients synchronizes but some of my colleagues only use the web interface and right ow they can’t realy work anymore.

I can access occ with the terminal but what should I do now?

Thanks for your help

  1. What does your nextcloud.log indicate? That will have the answer.
  2. Which update/upgrade approach did you use?
  3. Were you using a custom theme previously?
  4. Please post the output of ./occ config:list system


I have the same problem with Nextcloud, upgraded from 25.0.6 also on shared hosting (OVH). Interface is broken, no scroll, no background in popup menus. I removed the custom theme from interface and also the corresponding custom theme files in data/appdata_ocb64…fdx/theming/global/images. I tried php 8.1 and 8.2. No change. Any hint appreciated since it was working very well from Nextcloud 19.0.5 in this same shared hosting (OVH).