The ultimate android setup


I’ve been trying for years to setup the ideal environment for calendar and task management. I’ve read a few posts on Open Tasks, Mirakal, & Co. not syncing tasks properly. Are these the best options still available and are there plans to improve the android experience with Nextcloud? What is the best setup to date on Android so that files, tasks, calendars and notes all sync nicely?



i use Davdroid for syncing, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. For reading and edit Tasks i use Opentasks.

look here: F-droid Nextcloud apps

and opentasks Play Store

also TOTP Generator for 2 factor authentification. Free TOTP

have fun with it.

Anyone more ideas?

Cheers Lars. I’ve been using OpenTasks and I’m not hugely impressed. It doesn’t support subtasks which is a huge pain as I make lot of use of subtasks. Its a bit fustrating that a proper task management software isn’t available. Hope to see one soon. Good tip on TOTP. Thanks

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yes this is not so fine. but TOTP is very Good. have you enabled encryption?

Mmm, I think I need the gtot installed on the server? I need to read more about it. Is there a good guide somewhere?


I habe Installed the Module. Go into the adminsettings and Scan with the totp App the QR Code. After that you can use it.


I am also trying to sync my tasks to android. DavDroid is syncing well, but OpenTasks often do not show the entries, it then needs a few minutes until they will be shown again. Any suggestions on fixing that issue?