The seeming impossibility of uploading files into Nextcloud

Nextcloud 16.0.0
OS: UBOS, build ID = 20190226-013557
Apache version 2.4.37
PHP version 7.3.3

(I do not attach any logs because I don’t know how/where to find them. The instructions in the template post do not work for me. I have attached a couple screenshots that the Nextcloud web inteface shows regarding logs, and what happens when I try to download any logs that may exist.)

I have been trying for several months to upload about 15,000 files located in several directories and subdirectories into Nextcloud while maintaining that directory structure, only to be met with complete failure.

My lastest attempt over the past week has been to try to use the Nextcloud web interface, and then drag and drop the top level directory from the file manager of my desktop computer (ubuntu 18.04) onto Nextcloud’s web interface. But, that simply results in a mass of hundreds of error messages that say, “An error occurred”.

So, I thought, I’ll just try manually creating the top level directory - called simply “multimedia” - in Nextcloud using the web interface, just to see if I can even do that. I can’t. Nextcloud says that it cannot create that directory. If I call it “multimedia1” it will create that. But not “multimedia”.

This is all so very, very, very strange to me. I am not a computer person. I got Nextcloud because it was promoted as a cloud solution for the ordinary person. I have learned the hard way that No, it absolutely is not. I read through the various messages on this forum, I have no clue what people are talking about. Oh well.


Why am I unable to create a simple directory called “multimedia”?

Why do I get a whole bunch of uninformative error messages when I try to graphically upload the file and directory structure to Nextcloud?

What is the most efficient and reliable way for me to upload into Nextcloud my file and directory structure?

Thanks for any help.

You might already have that folder multimedia at that specific location, but it’s not registered to nextcloud, so it’s not showing on the user interface. You could check it by looking into the data directory of the server itself.

So when you try to create that directory from the nextcloud web interface it fails, because a directory with that name already exists… That’s my guess at that point…

But if you don’t even know how to check logs, things are gonna be difficult :pensive:

Best thing for you would be to learn more about Linux or UBOS itself

Easiest way would be to download the nextcloud client for you client operating system (e.g. Windows or Mac OS) and then let it automatically sync. You just have to put your multimedia folder into the synced nextcloud folder on the client. It will then automatically upload missing files on the server…

You should see the error log entries on the web gui. Select “Settings” from the menu and next “Logging” in the left side bar. There should be some error messages listed.

I took Gee858eeg’s advice, and started over by installing Nextcloud on an ubuntu server, so this problem has gone away. But, now I have some other questions that I will be posting very soon…