The porpouse of NextCloud

Hello everyone

I come from OwnCloud, and I am seeing that NextCloud is better in everything and has functions that I wanted in OwnCloud

But I do not understand then the purpose of NextCloud … What NextCloud wins with all this?

Has part of the OwnCloud team gone to NextCloud since the pages are the same or what happens?

I would really appreciate a link or explanation on this topic as I would be very interested in moving to NextCloud

Thank you

Hi @LexusMania,

Nextcloud introduces themselves here:

There are also a lot of links to news in the media. I didn’t check every link, but they will probably lead to the explanation I still remember, that the developers moved from OwnCloud and created Nextcloud because they were no longer happy with the direction OwnCloud was heading. It was lacking transparency and was too much focused on business customers leaving the community behind - if I recall the developers comments correctly.

After these news however I joined the Nextcloud community instantly :slight_smile:
You are very welcome, too!

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Thank you so much @Schmu !

Ill do it too :smiley: