The photo app in NextCloud 18 only shows one album

In the old Gallery app I had 10 folders (albums?) of photos. In the new app there is only one. I don’t see any way to add the missing albums. I wouldn’t call this a regression, I’d call it a fail. It could be a failure caused when I went from NC 17 snap to NC 18 snap. Not at all sure how to move forward but viewing photos is my primary reason for using NextCloud.

Do you see the files (pictures) when you SSH into the system?
Have you tried to rescan?

Thanks for the reply. In my case nextcloud is installed as a snap. It’s not at all clear how to do a rescan in that environment. I’m pretty sure snaps don’t allow ssh access as part of their design. The instructions I found for allowing ssh access involved copying my ~/.ssh folder into ~/snap/nextcloud/current but that’s not a folder. I actually think it’s a broken link. Still looking…

I want to join because I face a similar problem: There seems to be no way to add any new album. Version is 18.0.6