"the passwords app will discontinue updates for your platform"

Hi there,
For the past few weeks I have receiving this notification in my Linux Mint account: “the passwords app will discontinue updates for your platform”
I cannot find information on what this means. I have upgraded my NextCloud environment to version 22 (I have not updated to version 23, because Passwords indicates that there is no stable version for NextCloud 23) and PHP to version 8, but apparently that doesn’t help. The version of the Passwords app is 2021.12.20
Can anyone explain what is going on? Is there something I can do to update? if so: what do I need to update?

According to their GitLab page you need at least Nextcloud 23 and PHP 8.0. Otherwise your stuck with the LSR/Legacy Support Releases, and I guess this is probably what this notuification is indicating.

The notification usually contains a link to this page.

Basically, any version since 2022.1.0 requires Nextcloud 23 and PHP 8.0.
You can use older PHP versions (7.3/7.4) with the legacy release, but NC 22 support has ended.

Thanx MDW for your reply. The reason I hadn’t updated to NC 23, is because on this page https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/passwords it says that the versions for NC 23 and 24 are “nightly/unstable”. I don’t want to work with unstable software, so can you tell me which is the latest stable version?




If you look at the page you see that there are two columns: The regular stable versions and the nightly versions. If you click on the all versions link on the right you can also see all versions published for that version of Nextcloud with changelog and their system requirements.

Thank you. I had not interpreted it that way. Now I understand.