The link to the publication and the password in one letter

Good afternoon. Tell me how can I organize sending a link to a publication and a password in one letter? Now these are two letters. Thanks.

It is not a good idea to send the link and the password through the same tool e.g. e-mail or “letter”. Because of security reason you should/must use different ways.

E.g. you can send the link with e-mail and the password with SMS, WhatsApp, … Also you can call the person and tell the password on phone.

Yes, I know what this threatens and I take full responsibility on myself

Yes. But then you can remove the password. It makes no sense if you use the same tool to comunitate between transmitter and receiver.

Nobody guesses the link url and nobody guesses the password, too.
Only a man in the middle can get both e-mails or “letters”.
I think the url and the password are almost on the same security level.

Example empty directory with url and password Ziykdc9i4wgEYfP.

Link: Share ( https : // )
Password: Ziykdc9i4wgEYfP

I think mostly the passwords are weaker e.g. 12345. :wink:
A man in the middle gets link and password.

In 2021 nobody hacks an account with testing all passwords.
That makes no sense and does not work.