The Latest Nextcloud Hub 5 (version 27.0.0) docker container failed to run on arm64 platform?

I deploy Nextcloud official docker container to run on my NAS (RealTek CPU arm64) for a long time.
But I 1st time meet the critical error which cause the container failed to run on this platform.

The same container version works well in another NAS (amd64 platform).

I pull the latest image to deploy Nextcloud Hub 5 (version 27.0.0) on the NAS, and the error in Portainer is as the followings:

Initializing nextcloud …

New nextcloud instance

Initializing finished

=> Searching for scripts (*.sh) to run, located in the folder: /docker-entrypoint-hooks.d/before-starting

==> Running the script (cwd: /var/www/html): “/docker-entrypoint-hooks.d/before-starting/*.sh”

sh: 1: /docker-entrypoint-hooks.d/before-starting/*.sh: not found

==> Failed at executing “/docker-entrypoint-hooks.d/before-starting/*.sh”. Exit code: 127


Is any hint for fixing the issue ?
Thanks a lot.

Updated, the issue is happened from Nextcloud 26.0.3.

The issue keep happening in version…
Anyone can help on this??

Finally, the issue is gone from 27.1.4.
I cannot find the issue listed in the change Log.
Anyway, thanks.

This error would have occurred if you had non-*.sh files in one of your hook directories. So it wouldn’t happen in a normal environment, but maybe if you stuck something in there for some reason that wasn’t a shell script (well, a shell script in explicit name).

That said, the reason the problem probably went away for is is that it was recently made a bit more robust in terms of skipping files that don’t end with *.sh in hook folders.[1]

[1] Bug fix: not found error if hook folder contains files but non ending with `*.sh` by dvaerum · Pull Request #2095 · nextcloud/docker · GitHub