The indicated procedure to reactivate the cron in an implementation

Hello, we want to understand what would be the indicated procedure to reactivate the cron in an implementation in which it was turned off for more than 3 months but the clients are still connected.

Hello @SergioDG

Could you please give us a bit more information about what has been done and what Cron you are talking about? This way, people could get a better picture of what you are trying to achieve and come up with a solution.

If your question is related to the Cron from Nextcloud, you could have a look at the Nextcloud documentation: Background jobs — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Hello @CFelix,
Thanks for the response.

We have onpremise implementation with about 50 clients sharing files and working together.

We are talking about the execution of cron.php.

The execution was schedulled on a cron task running every half an hour (*/30), until one day the cron task was stopped and some months later when we detected this issue, we are looking forward enabling the crontask and return to original configuración every half an hour.

As wey know cron.php runs system tasks, application tasks as filscan, etc.

So, we are trying yo to understand what Will happen when cron starts after some tome stopped and looots of tasks to execute. If it’s safe to start the crontask or if there is any procedure query recommended.

Hope that helps to understand.

As far as I know it’s perfectly safe to start that Cron job again.

Running the Cron job every 30 minutes is probably going to be too long, as Nextcloud expects it to run every 5 minutes. (according to the documentation I posted earlier)

So far I only followed their instruction and run mine every 5 minutes. Maybe someone else has a setup where the Cron job is not running according to their documentation.

Ok, we’ll try that.