The /index.php/apps/files/ page don't show and is slow


I just setup nextcloud on my raspberry pi 3 with nginx php7.0, The login page work but the /index.php/apps/files/ don’t show but I can see the source code from this page. The others page work great. There is no error on the console and no error on the network tab.

Do you have a solution ?

Thanks for your help.

Probably something in your webserver configuration. Do you use the sample from the documentation?

I try configuration but I don’t want use SLL. How I can do ?

This is my ngninx config :
(I removed somes line because my web server dosen’t support SSL)
But when I try to go in my browser, I get 502 HTTP ERROR :
Yes, I use nginx.

But nginx supports SSL. I wouldn’t consider running my cloud without SSL on public internet. All the content including passwords will be transmitted without transport encryption (even if it is only between cloudflare and your webhost).

In your config you still have a line:
fastcgi_param HTTPS on;
Without SSL, you should probably comment this. gzip is turned off on the default conf (they seem to have improved some things but to exclude that this is causing the error). And for the bad gateway error (502), you probably want to check your logfiles as well, perhaps the link to php-fpm is not working correctly or the process is not started. I would first try to connect to your service directly without the cloudflare proxy.

For cloudflare there can be some more issues:

This is my nginx configuration :
But When I restart nginx service :
sudo service nginx restart
I get no error in config :

When I connect in my Web browser I get this:
File not found.

I don’t understand.

If I use other configuration :
, I get blank page, I can’t click link…


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