The great OSX client logout mystery!

I have two OSX Macs.

1 is a MacBook Pro, 1 is a MacMini.
Both are running macOS Monterey, Version 12.2.1.
Both have the latest Nextcloud OSX client Version 3.4.2, Osx-21.3.0 .

Both are talking to a Nextcloud server version: 22.2.3

The MacBook Pro connects to the server with the client every-time, wake it up? it connects, restart? it connects. No problem every time,

However the MacMini is another story. If you wake it up you have to reconnect the Nextcloud client, reboot? You have to reconnect the client to the server.

All other client on Android, iPhone, iPads all connect and stay connected every time.

I have seen this reported else where but not found a resolution, so now I’m asking here as I’m stuck.

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here and how it can be solved?

The machine in question has been up and running for a long time and has been running the Nextcloud client for a while, this connection issue just started suddenly and is a real pain!

Many thanks in advance.


I personally don’t use OSX clients, but afaik session cookies are used to remember a connection state. If you’re using your web browser in private mode, so that cookies are automatically deleted if you close your browser or shutdown your system, the decribed problem could appear.

I’m having a similar issue with my recent MacOS Mojave upgrade.

Since upgrading my iMac to Mojave I need to reconnect my desktop client via the browser every time I reboot.

A solution would be greatly appreciated.

I’m moving to a M1 MacBook Pro in April and I hope NextCloud will operate a reliably on MacOS Monterey as it has on High Sierra.