The following extra files have been found: default.php and other files

Hello everyone,

I’ve seen plenty of topic about auto update issues but no one with the files that concern my issue.
Here is the error:

I wanted to perform an upgrade because I’ve faced an issue during the installation of an App so I was thinking that it could have a link.
The App was Workspace and here is the error message.

Thank you a lot for your help <3

Delete the files or move the files to another location. You find the files in your Nextcloud installation path.

Thank you for your help.
So I’ve deleted them and retried to perform the update and here is the new error.

I’m missing something?

Thank you

I think there are missed files.

Do you have shell access? Maybe you can better use this command.

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar


Unfortunately, it’s a shared hosting plan so no ability to run a sudo command =(
So, am I stuck?

Thank you for your time

Sometimes the user of a shared hosting plan gets a normal ssh shell. Than maybe you can use:
php /path/to/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

Thank you for the follow up :slight_smile:
FYI it’s installed on Hostinger.

I’ve run the command via the ssh shell and here the result

I’ve search for the error and found this topic Error updating Nextcloud: "Could not open updater.log"
So I’ve run chown -R apache:apache /nextcloud_path but it wasn’t possible

Pretty tricky situation :confused:

The tipp can not help you because you have no apache user. Normally all in your used path can written from your user and the php script. But maybe it is not possible.

Hi @Goodadvise did you ever get to resolve this? I have the same issue, also on Hostinger, I’m also somewhat confused by NC versioning as there are Hub versions e.g. 3 and also single numeric versions like 25, 26, etc. Don’t know what version 20.0.10 translates too, any idea?
When I tried Hostinger support they said I must upgrade it which doesn’t seem possible considering what you’ve found out…