The following extra files have been found: databis

Hello everyone,

I’m tring to upgrade my nextcloud from 18.0.7 to 18.0.14 but I have this error in the web updater : The following extra files have been found: databis

I search all over the web and never found a solution.

Anybody have an idea ?


Go to your file system and look for named files and remove them to continue update.

I think you should think about improve your search skills, because it took me less than a second to find seveal threads covering exactly that problem - give the forum search a try :wink:

The problem there is no file named “databis”

Assets, lost found etc. Ok but databis I never heard of it, so my search skill is ok I guess.
The problem there is no file named “databis” on the server…

So search the Web on how to search your disk for given name.

Check the Nextcloud document root directory for a directory or file with the given name.

Already search on the server. Find, locate, grep, still nothing… It’s really strange… I think I’ll do the update manually. Thanks for answers.

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Please execute the following commands directly in you Nextcloud document root folder:

ls -al

Already tried, no hide folder/files

What about sudo find / -name databis

Same, I’m trying to update manually :wink:

Okay, some news, by upgrading manually, I got a message saying my php is not compatible, I need to upgrade it.
I think It’s tricky to update php with nextcloud right ? Do you know a tutorial which works or you tested succesfully ?
Thanks in advance,

Upgrading php is not related in anyway with nextcloud.

Nextcloud is a web application using your webserver.
You have to upgrade the php version and config of your webserver.
While creating the topic you ignored the template of this support category. There you fill in many information to make others like me able to help you.
Without such information … it is just guessing.