The feature to hide download does not work properly

I have installed the nextcloud 18.0.1 version to my server.

It is very good for personal.

But, I have searched a feature to prohibit not stream, but download my video files.

So, I found it that has just launched in this new version. It is the “hide download” feature.

But, when I check the option then try to access a video file, it shows this message.

“The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

But, when I release the option then I can access and watch the video file.

I have tested, I found that pdf and video file has problem, image file has no problem.

So, I think the feature is not complete yet.

And, I wonder there is another man who similar experience and the solution to solve the problem.

Especially, I want to get a solution for sharing video file without download button successfully than pdf file. is the related bug report on GitHub.

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I am experiencing the same issue, any luck getting pdf and video to be viewable with hide download enabled?