The example theme logo does not show

Nextcloud version (docker image 15, 16, 17):

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add ‘theme’ => ‘example’, in config.php
  • docker-compose exec -u www-data -T app bash -c ‘php -f occ maintenance:theme:update’

What is expected: the custom logo is displayed.

What happens instead: the custom logo is not displayed.

The obvious workaround is to add !important but there should be a documented and less fragile way of doing this. The problem was introduced with the implementation of ImageManager.php in the theming app.

rakekniven thanks for tagging this topic. Note however that this problem is unrelated to docker. Although I did reproduce it with docker and it is trivial for anyone to do so, it is a bug that can be reproduced with any new Nextcloud installation, starting with NC15 up to NC18. I did not check NC19.