The dll file will not be synchronized

I have a problem, we have a folder on the server where our internal software is located, which we need to synchronize with nextcloud clients in a PC with WIN10 op. All files are synchronized, only the .dll files are transferred and immediately deleted again from the explorer. They are still visible in the web browser, they just don’t transfer to the PC. The log prints an error:next

Hi MarikPavel,

Please could you check the following:

  • If there is a firewall between the NC server and the client machine?
  • Do the client machines have some sort of antivirus software installed?

Check the logs of the above, because it looks like a security mechanism of some sort is causing this issue.

DLL files are library files and may contain malicious code (probably not the case here, since it’s your own software), hence most security softwares treat them accordingly, if a certain algorithm is seen.

Although ESET is installed on the PC, I did not find any blinking of the files. There is a filter in the EMAIL / WEB options where you can enable it, which I did, but it didn’t help.
The firewall also does not block anywhere.

So I found the cause. This is because the ransomware protection application has dll files listed in the list. All you had to do was write down the exceptions.

Thanks for the willingness and ideas.

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where do you write the exceptions?
i have tried adding the file names to Exclude extension patterns.
but no luck.

figured it out, just needed to add the extension.
so adding; .dll
fixed it.