The destination folder "/Documents" no longer exists


everyone, I have a problem, since when I create a folder and then upload a file I get the following error:
The destination folder “/Documents” no longer exists

How can I fix this and where?

My first question would be… does the folder actually exist on disk or not?

Also, you should fill out the support post template because otherwise we know nothing about your system, and some of these details can change a lot.

Dear, install nexcloud in cPanel with Softaculous when trying to upload a file in any folder it is created or a default installation does not let me says that the folder does not exist

Please describe in more detail how exactly you created the folder and how you are trying to upload the file.

  • Via web browser using the Nextcloud WebUI
  • Via SyncClient / Mobile App / WebDAV
  • Via FTP / SFTP etc directly to the file system of the server (which you should not do)
  • some other method…