The client is not synchronized. “Access denied”

Client version:
nextCloud server version: 10 (Ubuntu 16.1)

“Client 1” has full access to the folder. “Client 2” - read only. “Client 1” puts into this folder text file. “Client 2” after synchronization opens the file for editing (grabs it). “Client 1” at this point changes the file saves, closes, then synchronizes. The “client 2” that file is still captured. After synchronization is “temporarily hidden file” is created at the client 2 with the attribute “read only”. The “client 2” close the file, not save it. During the next synchronization, the error occurs. In the log message: “Access Denied”. And so it is as long as from a “temporary hidden file” does not remove the attribute “Read Only”. Is it possible to create “temporary hidden file” without attribute “read only”?

Can you try the client version 2.2.4? They fixed a bug regarding shared folders (not exactly this issue but it was fixed perhaps as well).

Can you also provide logfiles of the server and client?