The best way to install Nextcloud ?!

Hello, currently i have installed Nextcloud with lubuntu 18.04 and snap but am having problems with file sync between several computers and cant get onlyoffice to work (if works right from install in few weeks stop working). Should i install on latest ubuntu version and native without snap ?
Am trying to achieve reliability in file sync and for the god sake that onlyoffice work properly.

[URL removed - Spam protection [JK]] ← should install nc19 as well.

these are the easy installation scripts i know about. but you have to know a bit about linux to maintain the stuff.

Why don’t do snap install rather

I like this installation guide. But not tested with OnlyOffice. First plan your project and define goals.

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That’s the way I prefer. :+1:

I love theses tutorials !

I hate installation guides with newest linux-releases but second party packages (php) e.g. from PPA. Use my installation guide with 100% Debian Buster. Also i think 100% Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is possible.

Yes, I second the Marcus’ Blog that @Ecphrasis linked to.
That is the best walkthrough I have found - and you end up with Postgres!

I have tried the Howtoforge-walkthrough that @devnull linked to, and it is very good too.

I don’t like containerized installs as I don’t think they integrate with the OS well.

The easyest way is ncp per curl