Thanks for the forced reboot on Windows 3.5.1 update :(

You warned me I might have to reboot, then BANG, ya rebooted me with no warning. Lost a couple hours work. Please don’t do that again.


You can take some responsibility here. It is your machine, so prevent it from auto-updating. Make active backups and take better care of your business. :slight_smile:

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This is a joke, right?
I think it is very rude behaviour of the software. Not all PC users are MIT graduates, and especially Desktop client users dont need to be. And even more advanced users might not be masters of their systems in company environment.


All other updates from other software give you an option to reboot now or wait till later. Was not an auto update, I kicked it off manually but didn’t expect it to reboot without warning at the end. This needs to be made more clear.