Thank you so much my upgrade process was successful

Just had to thank you this was the first time I had a successful upgrade and my Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. My server did not crash my Nextcloud instances did not run into any software issues. I am totally happy right now. I love next could and I think it the most awesome program out there. I look forward to using it for a long time.

PS I am looking still new to Linux but I keeping my eye open to see where I can fit in with Nextclould for sure. Thank you again

My name Earnest Redwood and I approve this message…


Ran into the same situation and couldn’t believe my eyes when the browser came back to the home page with no error and no warning!

You guys rock and thanks a lot for such a great work! Just wish all of my web tools would be such well designed… :wink:

All right, All right, Check it out another successful update run with 13.4. Every time I see it go back to the file screen it like Chrismas. Nextcloud is so assumed I going to do my part in turning my clients over to nextcloud for all their dropbox needs. I want to take this time to Thank every one who made this possible

Earnest L. Redwood

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