Texteditor and Markdown

All our .md files are opened with the rich text editor.

  1. how can I change the fact that rich text editor only uses a rather small text window.

  2. Is there a way to open .md files with a plain text editor. When I log in i get a context menu


but this does not show up for users using a “share” link.

  1. is there a way to create pdf to print from within Nextcloud?

I think the (md) text editor is very bad.
There is no simple option to change from md editor to text editor.

md-file → md editor
txt-file → text editor

In a discussion Frank Karlitschek was asked to add a change option in md editor.
Sorry i missed the Youtube link.

I think there is no need for two editors.

My closed issue
Because it is a duplicate issue of this.

rename to *.txt → text editor
rename to *.md → md editor

this thing is another example that in many cases “short cuts are detours”.

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