Textchat in talk-app not possible without access to microphone and camera

Is it possible to deactivate or configure this feature?

My scenario: I just wanted to test the chat functionality from talk and used 2 browser on one computer with different logins. It works perfectly when I only use 1 browser at the same time, but as soon as I tried to use both browsers at the same time, I get an error message because only one browser can connect to microphone and camera.

For everyone who say this is not a use case/scenario for Nextcloud Talk: yes you are right!
BUT: when I disable access to camera and microphone, I also cannot start Nextcloud Talk. It’s ok when I want to do an audio or video conference. Only use the chat function from Nextcloud Talk without granting the access to microphone and/or camera is not possible for me at the moment.

Can someone helps me or is this a bug/feature request?


can’t tell anything about this special case…

but i think the title of this thread is kinda misleading. maybe you want to change it into something like: textchat in talk-app not possible without access to microphone and camera ?

I changed the title.

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I have almost the same problem!
After installation of “Talk” app, using Mozilla Firefox 52.6.0 i went to send a simple text message to a friend, but i haven’t webcam and microphone! So, i got the following message :

Error while accessing microphone & camera

If I don’t have a camera and microphone, can’t I send a simple text message?
Only a simple text message ?

When I tried with Chromium 64.0.3282.119 the joke was that he asked me to give him access to the microphone (while I do not have a microphone). When “I gave it access”, I was able to send a simple text message. :rofl:

So, what happening ?
Is there any application to only just send messages ?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I have the same trouble too. After install nextcloud 13 and activate talk. when I go to the application I get an error message “error while accessing microphone & camera” and text chat dont work.
I tried with linux machine with firefox 58.0.2 and a windows 7 with explorer 11 and get the same message.
A curious thing is that if Im disconnect the camera text chat works fine.
¿Is this behaviour a bug in nextcloud or a misconfiguration in my pcs?


This is an already known issue in the current Talk app.
We are working on this and it will be probably fixed for version 3.2.

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