Text entry duplicated nc16/Collabora on Android


I’m having text duplicated/scrambled when entering through collabora and a web browser on android (Firefox 68.0, Android 9.1). NC16 was a fresh install and I’m running the collabora docker image. I’ve tried swiftkey and gboard, both are similarly affected. For example typing the gives Thethe and adding more text drops spaces and garbles the text;
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog comes out as Thethequickbrownfoxjumpsovelazydog or Thethequickbrofoxjumpsoverthelazyddo so it’s not even being consistent. Naturally this isn’t workable… Does anyone have a solution or workaround to this problem ? I see that this problem has been reported but switching to ONLYOFFICE seems like a pretty weak solution given that otherwise collabora is working very nicely on other platforms. Is this the right place to report this or should I be filing a bug report elsewhere ?


I got the same issue , anyone now how to fix it ?

Bug seem to be found here

And it did it fix upstream:

With collabora:latest it bug ;/


4.0.9 (git hash: 97c4185)


Collabora Office 6.0-29 (git hash: e4c7ae6)