Text editor in iOS no more included?


I am using all my todo files and notes on a .txt basis and because I am on tour now for some weeks I wanted to come back to my iOS NextCloud app to edit them and work with them.

But I couldn’t find an opportunity to create new text files or edit them?
Is this feature no more included in the iOS app?

So, how do most of you work with text files on the NextCloud with iOS?


Same here - I was using this feature to sync my notes.
Why is it gone??

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Same here, This is the only feature that I need for the iOS client. Have no idea why deleted this feature.

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There is a bug that prevents the creation of text documents in the iOS app. When you choose the “Create text document” option in the new file button menu:

the app creates a .md markdown file. The only workaround that I’ve found for this is to renamed the new file and change the extension to .txt after the fact.
I submitted a bug report on April 20, but it has not been assigned to anyone yet.

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Fixed on next version 3.0.1.

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Thanks! Just tried it in TestFlight 3.0.1(13) and it now works as expected!


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