Text Editor Bugs in the Mobile App

Hey there,

Bug 1:
When trying to create a linebreak within text editor (.txt file) of the mobile app (iOS 4.4.3) three different behaviors happened to me multiple times:

  • The cursor jumps to the beginning of the file and create a new line there.
  • The cursor stays where it is and creates a new line but does not jump to the beginning of it (seems like the carriage return is missing)…
  • Same behavior as described in the first point, but in addition, everything below the position where the linebreak was tried to be created is deleted.

This need to be fixed urgently. The simplest kind of files should be editable safely.

Bug 2:
Where there is a conflict due to simultaneously edited and opened files, the two versions are displayed. When selecting one of those versions (only tested for “use saved version”), it won’t apply. The screen keeps being split, the not selected version disappears, but then the editor is stuck there.

Would be great to have this one fixed, too.

Thanks and cheers,

Do you have got an Github-account? Then please check the actual issues and post the issues here. If you do not have got an Github-account and you do not want to create one please post more details. Then we can create the issues for you.

Ah great! I’ll post everything there then. Thank you!

Please post only bugs and issues. For support use this forum.

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