Text App - Is it possible to have a table of content [TOC] or anchors to jump to different heading inside the doc?


Thnk you for the wonderful Text App. Unfortunately I could not find a subthread related to the TextApp for posting this question.

I have a rather simple question but cannot find a solution to this: is it possible to have kind of a table of contents inside a Text-document? Like [TOC] at MediaWiki? I checked all ressources I could find but it seems to me that Text markup is not intended for displaying a TOC.

So I tried to build a table of content by using internal links (jumping toeach heading). But I even could not manage to set some simple anchors for setting internal links inside the document… any ideas?

Sorry for this rather simple question! Hopefully there is a simple answer , too :wink:


Hello Desa,

did you solved this topic for you?