Terms of Service for Android / IOS APP

Hello, I´m using the app “Terms of Service” for my NC21. On the PC via the normal browsers, everything works fine. The User has to accept the Terms as first after the Log-in.

On the Smartphone the user can do anything without accepting the Terms. The window isn´t even poppping up.

So you can’t make sure, that every user has accepted our terms, cause they can do everything without accepting on the Smartphone. Ist there anyway to fix this?

Or is there Anyway, that users can#t do their first Log-in on the Smartphone via the app?

Thanks for Help

Ok, correction. On Android the App starts crashing or the files are not loading. On IOS the files arent loading too. Sounds bad, but it isn´t because you can make sure, there is no interaction without accepting our terms. Still would be nice if the Terms would display on the Smartphone.