Term of service -- do not work

I just installed “Term of service” on my NC instance 22.2.3 (snap version on fedora)
I followed the install according to https://github.com/nextcloud/terms_of_service/

And set tos_on_public_shares --value ‘0’

nextcloud.occ config:app:set terms_of_service tos_on_public_shares --value ‘0’

Config value tos_on_public_shares for app terms_of_service set to 0

As Nextcloud admin, I set the configuration of “term of service” (region, lang, and content field)

I create a share with public link.

When I try to access to share via the public link, the link shows “this operation is forbidden”
And nothing is displayed.

What did I missed ?
I would appreciate to solve this issue. Please help.