Temporary link to upload files

Is it possible to send a temporary link to send me files with Nextcloud?

I explain the situation, someone wants to send you an email with an attachment too large that exceeds the limit of your mail server, and I send a link to Nextcloud to upload the file there, of course it has to be something easy without access and temporary, and that after that time or I have downloaded it is deleted that temporary link.

The easy thing would be to set up a temporary account and have it uploaded there, but for people who have no idea it would get messed up when the file is uploaded and also that they could find other people’s files that of course they shouldn’t be able to access, so I was asking if there is that “temporary link” option for the file upload .

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Yes, you can share a folder by link and in the link settings you can choose to only allow uploading files to this directory.

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the best: you could even enter a date until this link would be working…

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Thank you @Chartman123 and @JimmyKater but this link that i send by email to other user… the other user need login to upload files ???

depending on your setting(s). i have that working without logins.

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Perhaps you checked the “require password” setting? Then, the other person needs to enter the password set for the specific link. Or you shared the “internal link”, which is for other users.

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True, the truth is that it works exactly as I wanted, thank you very much for your help, the truth is that I am very sorry that I cannot give two solutions to the problem, because both of you have given me the solution and have helped me a lot

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You also can allow guest accounts. After installation of the app you enter in the sharing dialog an email-address and use the guest option. The guest gets an email, must set a new password and can use the shared folder. You can allow multiple folders.


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