Techandme VM issue


I just thought I’d let you know that after downloading and installing the latest techandme virtual appliance for Nextcloud, when I disabled a few apps from a completely fresh install, I found that disabling Notifications produced and error where at the top of the window in NC, there is a dialogue box…

… After going through and re-enabling apps one by one, I found that re-enabling the Notifications app, the issue went away.

@enoch85 I guess, though doesn’t look like a problem with your VM to me.

Hi Jason,

Agreed. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with the VM, perhaps a bit of code somewhere in the back end that was expecting Notifications still be to turned on? I’ve played around with this VM release a few times and had similar issues.

I don’t touch Apps except if the user wants to install them, and when installing I just install the app from AppStore, so if there is an issue it lays in the App not the VM.

@JasonBayton No, there are no issues with the VM.

@qdascottyuk I suggest you report this in the Server repo on Github.