TCP Connection closed by client using TURN Server test of NC Talk

Hi, i’m using the turn server test button on the NextCloud Talk
and on the backend it says TCP connection closed by client.
Any idea?

and what is the problem?

TCP connection closed by client.
here is the error when i click the “Test this server”
Error: No working ICE candidates returned by the turn server

i have this as well, i dont know if its related to an update.
the tcp test failes (it worked before, all firewall ports are forwardet) only udp works successfully.

@apg1980 I’m successfully running both NC21 and coturn as docker containers - at least it looks there is no general issue with NC.

@Von_Loid the log tells you connection i closed at the second step. For me it sounds like network connectivity works but there is some logical problem, maybe user/password. Please describe you setup more detailed: how you setup NC and TURN server, which versions are in place etc. did it work before or is it new installation.

NC21 coturn Version Coturn-4.5.2 ‘dan Eider’
using a ip address from my vps.