Tasks sync to Mac but not iOS devices

Hey All,

I have a nextcloud install by using a plugin on my TrueNAS Core server. I added the tasks application. I then added a CalDAV account to my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. My reminders are syncing fine to my Mac but are not syncing to my iPhone or iPad. My Mac is running the latest version of Big Sur. Both of my iOS devices are running the latest version of iOS 14. Anyone have any thoughts why its not syncing to my iOS devices?

What kind of certificate do you use? See this thread for details: iOS 13 Syncs Calendar and Contacts but not Reminders - #20 by Bernie_O

I believe they are self signed certificates but that’s all I know. I’ll go ahead and try the article you sent.

In case any one is curious, I was able to get this working by using this guide: https://github.com/dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs/wiki/Private-CA-and-self-signed-certs-that-work-with-Chrome
It was written for self hosting Bitwarden but still works for nextcloud. All you have to do is install the self-signed-ca-cert.crt file on all of your devices.