Tasks not visible on one of my lists in the web interface

I use hosted NC (Hetzner) on both Win 10 pro and Android. I have about 20 task lists. Tasks lists, not calendars. The lenghtiest list contains more than 100 tasks. Now it started showing empty in browser UI.

However, I can see them all in Thunderbird and on Android in my task app (Acalendar+).

What could be the reason?

Task lists are usually stored in a calendar file. It might be possible that you have created a task, which contains a specific feature or function, that couldn’t be interpreted by the web UI. Due to the fact that Nextcloud keeps the raw data it would be possible that 3rd-party apps are still able to use/display it.
Please check your Nextcloud log file for information which might point to the root cause of the problem. Additionally you can check the list of issue which will be fixed in the next app release .

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