Tasks Failed to compile and/or save - How do I regenerate SCSS/CSS?

Warning core Failed to compile and/or save /***/public_html/apps/tasks/css/tasks.scss

I know it works okay if I comment out the @import lines but then the CSS is blank, so… something it wrong but only Tasks is failing here. I reinstalled Tasks, no change.

Mainly want to know how to force SCSS recompile and debug failures.

More info on this, I realised it fails because of compilation error.

In Tasks App there is a markdown.scss file which fails because it tries to use variables which aren’t declared.

You can see this here with a github search on Tasks version 0.13.3 - https://github.com/nextcloud/tasks/search?q=color-lightgrey

Oddly some of my other Tasks files don’t match the github repo, so I dunno… doesn’t change that this variable is undeclared though.