Tasks can only be assigned to a single Calendar! 😡

Although there “should” be a dropdown to select the calendar to which a task is assigned, there is no such ability; Out of 5 of my calendars, there is only one in the dropdown field. Furthermore, tasks which had been assigned to these other calendars are now nowhere to be seen.

  • Yes, I’m able to edit any of the other calendars. I just can’t assign tasks to them.

This is infuriating as I had this functionality earlier (prior to some upgrade, I suppose).

Has anybody else experienced this? More importantly, has anybody been able to resolve this?

I’m running Nextcloud 25.03, Calendar 4.2.4 & Tasks 0.14.5

I’ve solved it.

Nextcloud enables users to create 2 different types of calendars:

  • “conventional” (without “task list”)
  • ones with "task list

Care must be taken to select the correct version. Otherwise, the user will be left wondering why tasks cannot be assigned to the calendar!