Talk - Story of Frustration

Hi Nextcloud Devs,

For many years I use nextcloud and as an IT guy I really like and use it a lot. You do a great job and it was a great Announcement that the HPB for Talk was released under the GPL.

But for me it was too late. In the beginning of the corona crisis I spend days convincing my friends and colleges to try nextcloud talk. I even offered paying for a private server. In the end, totally lacking understanding of privacy issues, they only agreed cause I put myself in the bargain like “If we are not using Talk, I won’t join”.

Then the problems began. The Talk App wasn’t ringing. Screen sharing was only possible on the same PC where Audio was located. There was a severe echo if two people the the room spoke with it. The connection attempt lasted for too long. If I used a password once I could not see the password anymore. If I did not write it down there was no chance to invite another guest without telling every guest to use a new password.

But most of all the connection was not stable. I had no indicator about the connection. I could not kick (tell the sever to wait for another connection attempt) users if they just closed the Browser window. This was possible with guests and I used it a lot. I could not tell the server try to reconnect. I could not see to which of them I have a connection and to which none and try to reconnect to exactly this one.

After all I lost lost my face and nextcloud the reputation I was building up for many years. We now use jitsi (and not zoom) which is the last thing I could do except not joining. Nobody wants to leave jitsi now (It works) and give nextcloud talk another try and with it the whole collaboration. We use weshare again.

Thanks for reading.


Yes indeed it was too late for me too. I gave a testdrive for it some months ago and saw it won’t make it.

But with Nextcloud Hub 19 and Talk 9 some great improvements will come. With the opening on opensource format of the HBP maybe some great tweaks will come soon.

I will give another testdrive for talk in some months i think :thinking:. Maybe it will be a nice app for my clients now.

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hey @florum

i see you were into nextcloud with all your heart and so it’s bad that you’re now as frustrated as you seemingly are.

It could have been avoided, though… Like if you would have tested TALK extensivly before suggesting using it productivly or just reading through the forums you would have noticed yourself that it’s still work in progress.

Plus you might have seen other developement happening in terms of guys trying to add jitsi to NC or BBB.

well ya… apparently your friends/coworkers didn’t really get behind the idea of owning their own data rather than giving them away to someone else (wetransfer in this case). But wells… you can’t force anyone to do something for their better if they aren’t interested in it and just don’t care enough.

Having said that I know that YOU are caring and you won’t stop using NC. And thus you’re gonna get notice about new cool features coming up with every new version… making NC better and better. - And who knows maybe some day you’ll find a chance of persuading your friends/colleagues back into using NC.

Good Luck


Frank got offended when I called Nextcloud Talk a white elephant. But that’s essentially what it was - hopefully not for long…

Jitsi is good. Nerds’ favorite among open source systems (taken from /.)

We use it a lot (12-16 people). And will continue to do so until Talk not only matches jitsi’s performance, but also shows the additional advantages of being integrated into Nextcloud…

We also tried a few times the BBB app for teaching - not bad.
Hopefully Talk 9 can offer competition in that field, too…