Talk specifically slow to display chats, other pages in nextcloud work ok

I have been experiencing an issue in both talk web and talk android that makes it hard to encourage user adoption

When ever the chats page is loaded or a specific chat is opened directly, the ui will flash blank chat placeholders or a throbber for about 30 seconds before displaying the data

This is every time the page is refreshed or the app is reloaded after about a minute or so. Within that minute, refreshing or reloading the app the data appears quickly

My connection is behind a traefik proxy and using the native nextcloud Apache docker image. But I don’t really have this latency on other pages in nextcloud. Additionally its in a 12 core 2.5 GHz VM with 12GB of memory on a server with 20 physical cores and nearly no load beyond some other low use containers.

I also have a working turn/stun server configured

Sounds like an issue with your webserver configuration:

I’ve enabled the 4MB byte support in my sql installation, and to my knowledge the nextcloud apache image uses php + mpm_event. I don’t think that an https reverse proxy infront of apache running on port 80 should be too much of a complication for overall configuration.

Unfortunately, unless I’m not understanding something on the requirements page, validating my configuration against the requirements didn’t improve the chat display speed.

Its always dns… resolved