Talk should manage multiple connections of the same user

At the moment I’m digging deeper into “talk (spreedme)”.

I can connect to different devices for the same chat, everything is fine up to this point.

But I can’t use the phone as a microphone and share the desktop like I would in WebEx and other services. I can only use one source at a time (computer A, computer B or smartphone) to send. is there a way to break this bond?

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I’d disagree with this statement (for security reasons) but curious why would you want that?

As i said? Share a desktop view and use smartphone for voice transmission.

This is the way WebEx and other work / are or can be used.

Which security reason should it be that speak against that the same user, in secure enviroments, can connect more than once? In which possibility are two secure connections more insecure than secure one connection?

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In secure environments? None whatsoever!
Claiming WebEx (or any other online hosted service) can create a secure environment is something I don’t believe in.

But hey, everyone has its own metric…

the security in controlled enviroments is an own topic. A meta discussion is nothing i want debate here.

So it there anything helpful for this topic you want to provide?

It’s on our todo:

As a temporary helping step we show a message when a user joins twice, instead of resulting in a broken state:

I’m not sure why this should be security related. It’s just not the first thing we will work on and not too important to fix.


Any progress? This is killer feature for me. In XXI century it’s normal to have more than one devices;)

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