TALK setup, documentation is really poor

I have recently installed Nextcloud, got it working to the point whereby I can make calls on the same LAN, but external users cannot join calls. I can see their user names appear but a pop up eventually appears mentioning i need a TURN server, this has been setup I am not sure if done properly but the documentation on this topic is so poor. Also where do I find the TALK admin settings… also no information available on this… I just feel like I’m chasing my tail and no one has really explained this setup properly yet.

This is my currently working configuration with coturn.

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thanks for your prompt response, I see the setup has changed somewhat since this documentation but it pointed me in the right direction… I am now up and running.
Thanks again

I used the official documentation

and this worked great, in addition you can get more inside reading this thread

the documentation you are referring to, is not optimal, it misses out on thing to be explained and it uses configuration parameters and combinations which are outdated or need some more information to get them working.

Ok great, good to hear

Ok, for us it is a working setup however just that of course :wink: