Talk public conversation link text

Is there a way to edit the default public conversation link ‘Join the conversation “xxxx” at…’

Change language or edit the text

Perhaps you can change the text in l10n for your language. Hopefully there is no checksum for integrity check. :wink: On update you must change it again.


If you want to change other parts search the key-value of the variables in the php code.

Thank you! Sorry, I meant in the mobile app. ‘Share conversation link’

I think this is not possible. Then you must edit the mobile app and create a new package. With Android it is possible with APK, with iOS not.

But perhaps you can write an issue.
iOS or Android

If you have no account at Github you can send me a detailed issue with PN.

If you login to NC, create a conversation and copy the link, you get just the link. This is good.

On mobile (IOS) the only option is ‘Share conversation link’. You get ‘Join the conversation Conversation name at

It would be better to just get the link or if possible ‘Join the conversation’ is translated.

  • Some customers do not speak English
  • It’s easier to customize if you just get the link and can write your own message. Now you first have to delete “Join the conversation” and then write your own message.