Talk, Proxies and Connection Errors

Seems I need a little help by the Community.

latest Nextcloud 12, with Talk App > behind Reverse Proxy > behind Router with one Ethernet Interface. With 2nd Ethernet Interface it is within internal network. Access to internet is restricted through Squid Proxy. From the inside hosts accessing Nextcloud via internal interface, from the outside via public interface. When trying to use Talk and both users are outside, everything works. But it doesn’t work with internal users. My rough guess: NAT and Squid Proxy.

Any hint how to enable Talk for internal users? Own TURN Server?

Try TURN, yes. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: dammit… hoped the answer would be easier… 42 or “everything included in Nextcloud” or somehting like this…

Setting up a TURN server is not that hard.
I used most of this guide:
Also the turnserver.conf from Coturn is well documented.
I’am running my testsystem (13RC2) on a modified NextcloudPI including Coturn, and it works great.