Talk: prevent endles call lists (user stared call; user leave call)

I would like to limit the “call list” (user stared call; user leave call) a Talk user has to see.

I use nextcloud 21.0.9 (because I get some problems with newer versions) and Talk 11.3.6.

Another forum user mentioned “Set message expiration” in the Talk api documentation. Unfortunately I have no clue in using occ commands in relation to Talk.

Can I limit the age of listed call entries a user sees in the Talk environment? And how can I do it with occ?

Kind regards, go4ncloud

Message expiration is only available since nextcloud 25 :frowning: so without upgrade, you’re out of luck regarding this feature

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Here a screenshot for the settings e.g. in Nextcloud Talk 16.1 (Nextcloud

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