Talk Outlook Addin

Hi all,

Is there an outlook add in for Talk to set meetings direct from Outlook? I’m new to Nextcloud and have it hosted on my own domain. I mainly use IMAP mail accounts, and would love to be able to book meetings via Outlook.


Sorry i do not use Outlook. But i think it is more a calendar integration. Please read Nextcloud offers CalDav Synchronizer for Outlook users. Also there are some other (mostly paid) Outlook features see Nextcloud Microsoft integrations. But i do not know if there is a connection from Nextcloud Talk.

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Hello @iabm the Sendent Outlook plugin ( has a function available to create Talk meetings directly in Outlook.

Thank you - do you know how easy this is to set up and if it works on IMAP settings as at the moment, the add in option only comes up for my Exchange accounts.


There should not be any limited for either Exchange or IMAP configuration. - I have not checked it though but has so far not been reported.

Note though in the settings you need to have Talk enabled. Only then it will be shown when you compose a new appointment.

I am the developer behind the plugin, so if it does not work i’ll definitely take a deeper look into it with the imap setup.

Hey @usselite,

Thanks for the reply. I realised after downloading the free version, this is not available on Mac.