Talk messages saved in plain text

there is one thing, that really bothers me since… idk… years: Why are messages sent in Talk not encrypted in the database?

I mean, isn´t it supposed to be an “alternative” to the “big ones”? Any messages written inside the Talk-App in the Nextcloud can be read by the admin, that is not a good thing, especially since we (as admins) promise users privacy.

What exactly is the problem, how can it be solved?

The assumption is you control the server, are on a server you trust, or are being responsible for your own data.
Also, if someone has access to your database you are already in trouble. You can submit pull requests to help move this process along or remain patient. There is no eta for any of this, so we simply wait.

Allow server/client-side encryption of chats
Add support for database encryption

Nextcloud is not a zero trust system. If you want this functionality right now you can use a tool such as Matrix or Signal, which already support such encryption.