Talk Lobby (in NC18): Add to Calendar Feature

As feature request. When creating a new Talk Lobby with a scheduled Date/Time offer to create CalendarEvent with invitation for all participants.

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Feature request may go there:

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Sorry I do not have a Microsoft/GitHub Account nor I will have one.
Somebody else may forward this please. Thank you.

if you like it or not … this

closes this topic here and thus is a solution for this thread. it means: noone here can do anything more about it.

Just to clarify, so that I won’t misunderstand.

Nextcloud urges interested people and users who would like to participate, to register with Microsoft and to share valuable behavioral data of what, how long, and with whom one is working on something and sharing information? Who is my friend, co-worker or employee?

Just to recap, we’re talking about the same Nextcloud that a few days ago jointly with IONOS declared nothign less than a digital independence declaration against US-centric, CLOUD Act, surveillance companies (read: Shoshana Zuboff)?

Sorry, I can’t get this it. May be you reconsider your policy on this.
Please tell me, when you have done so.

wrong. nextcloud decided for an open source way to do modern development. years later it got bought by microsoft.
and wrong again, nc doesn’t urge anyone to do anything.

plus: you seem to be skilled in computers… so i bet it wouldn’t be any major problem for you to sign up there using some random fake-emailaddress… and to hide as much as possible of your data that you’re afraid to lose…

plus: this is completely not the point of this discussion here. go and search the forum for the fitting thread.

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Using Nextcloud - incl. feature requests - should be possible without sharing data with USA/Microsoft.

thanks for letting us know about your opinion.

as this is no part of nextcloud, the software, it’s just an invalid call of yours. and thus would return an errorcode and abort.
plus: it has been discussed on the forum up and down, already. pls read through the forum as there are some threads about this.

thanks for your understanding