Talk iOS 16 RC 1

Hey everyone,

we just released RC 1 of Nextcloud Talk iOS 16 to TestFlight. Join the testing at Join the Nextcloud Talk beta - TestFlight - Apple

What’s new in Nextcloud Talk iOS 16 RC 1?

  • Recording support (Talk 16)
  • Breakout rooms support (Talk 16)
  • Redesigned call view and performance improvements
  • Show description and user status in conversations
  • Allow sharing of Nextcloud accounts between different Nextcloud iOS apps
  • Always allow to copy conversation links
  • Allow zooming shared screens of other participants
  • Don’t receive video streams when in audio-only calls
  • Several fixes when lobby is used
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

For a more detailed changelog visit

In case you find a bug, please file a issue at GitHub - nextcloud/talk-ios: 📱😀 Video & audio calls through Nextcloud on iOS

Please note that a downgrade from a Beta-Version to the Release-Version in the AppStore is not supported. To downgrade you need to remove Nextcloud Talk iOS first and install it from the AppStore again.