Talk improvements

Hello, I just had a few ideas of what I would think make Nextcloud Talk a little bit more user friendly or that people may like. I would propose that there be a separate “Log” Tab next to the “Chat” and “Participants” tabs, I think the logs are great, but not sure all people want to see them and that they also may prevent users from seeing what is being shared, but would provide a way for people that are interested in seeing the logs to see them still. With that also maybe dropping the photo Title because often times the camera formats those to be very long and ugly and allow for clicking on just the image itself.

The second would be to automatically create a “nextcloud talk shared” folder or something with “pictures” “documents” etc folders in it already and when something is shared it gets put into the correct folder on the receivers system. as people start using Nextcloud Talk more, and if they share anything like any other messaging platforms, peoples home folder will become messy very fast, or require constant moving of files manually. There may already be an automatic way to have control over where the shared things go that I’m not aware of. there could then be a notification or the folder would be highlighted indicating that something new is in it.

Anyway just a couple of thoughts
Any other ideas? or changes to these ideas?

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the nextcloud shared talk folder would be a very great idea, couple it with a talk client, and we have an MS Teams killer as far as im concerned :wink:

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