Talk features question

Does the Talk app have a ringer that is suppose to alert if a call is coming in ?

I think I figured this out. GooglePlaystore install of Talk has this feature but Fdroid install of Talk does not.
I don’t know why this is the case but it’s working on android with re-install from GooglePlayStore


I’ve found that as well, however, I’m now wondering if it’s a permission issue with notifications sounds’ locations.

I was suddenly having ringtone/notification issues this week on both my android phones.
Looks like they (google) moved notifications and ringtones from System:system/media/audio to Main Storage:/Notifications and Main Storage:/Ringtones.

I copied everything to the new locations and all my apps starting ringing again.

I still have the play version, and haven’t tried the f-droid version again, but I’d bet that’s what the problem is. Worth a shot.

I’m not sure but f-droid was a fresh installation and no ringer.

I uninstalled with f-droid then installed again with google play and ringer / alert functions

Notifications will not work on the F-Droid version: No notifications in Android app · Issue #1498 · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub

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